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Great China Industrial Limited 

Few teenagers established Great China Industrial Limited in Hong Kong since 2004, manufactures jewelry and watches packaging plastic boxes, cases, pouches, paper boxes, wooden boxes, and window display items. Providing the highest quality of sales & services in terms of timely deliveries and excellent product quality at competitive pricing, fully owned 2 factories with 20,000sqm and over 300 staff at Dongguan and GuangDong China. We serve the highest quality brands from Europe, America, to others Countries.  


    Great China Industrial Limited ensures Guarantee and Convince to our clients. Our products are the overall highest quality among the same kind. Starting from Materials laboratory testing to examine materials’ standard and quality, on time production, to Our QC teams to check the products before delivery, we care about every single piece of products to be delivered to our customers.



Our corporate culture


means the beliefs, values, initiative, attitudes, and behaviors of our team. Corporate culture is not an abstract concept, it is about the ways to express our aim, image, and spirit by formulating working guidelines, rules and regulations which are comprehensive, respectful and easy understanding by everyone.


To provide the most professional and highest performance of products and services by upgrading to Automated Production Machinery, and setting up production plant in South East Asia. New markets are going to be explored in the near future.

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